Sunday, November 18, 2007

Apologies and excuses

I know; I know!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted a blog, and I’m terribly sorry. Here are some of the things I’ve been doing instead:

Co-coordinating an anthology of unpublished children’s fiction writers, judged by six industry professionals, from over 250 submissions. See The book and its cover are in the middle column and will be printed and shipped out at no charge to every agent and editor in the UK in the hopes of getting these fabulous writers published. I do intend to blog about the experience once it’s all done and dusted.

Attempting to write 50,000 words in the month of November. See I’m over 18,000 words, but that’s not a good enough pace to make the 50,000 word target. Still, I’m happy with my 18,000 words and will keep going in an effort to beat a friend at a “word war”. Between the two of us, the person with more words in the month of November gets to enjoy a yummy dim sum meal paid for by the person with the fewer words. So far, I'm winning!

Working like a dog. November is our busiest month creatively, as out managing director takes a trip to New York to pitch our new ideas. I’ve been working on a doggie proposal and a quirky witch proposal while attempting to edit a 50,000 word samurai book, manage a tidal wave of consecutive 4,000 word dinosaur books and a 12,000 word genie book. AAAHHH!

Visiting my lovely grandparents, one of whom was not doing so well, I’m sad to say. But my grandpa is back at home now, and I hope that things start to improve for him and my grandma soon.

Exercising twice a week. Aren’t I a good girl?

And, for pre-emptive excuses, here are some things I will be doing in the coming weeks:

Still attempting to write 50,000 words. So forgive me if my blogging takes another hiatus.

Still working like a dog. That samurai novel will come around one more time, I've got to finish that quirky witchy proposal plus another proposal that's very hush hush. And yet more dinosaurs.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with my parents in England. The celebrations will be loosely themed and perhaps not actually on the day of Thanksgiving.

Bidding on a snowflake. See Robert's Snow. I was lucky to win one of the snowflakes the first year, but I couldn’t get one last year. This year, I’m determined to get one in particular. Go and check out the story behind these snowflakes and the amazing art and bid on one that takes your fancy. Unless it’s the one that I want. Then forget you ever saw this link.

Reading the first draft of a novel by a friend of mine. I’m SO excited because I’ve been watching it evolve from a short story into a fully formed novel. And it’s going to be so good!

Being evaluated at my performance review at work. Dum dadum dum… DUM!