Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photo Update

I'm overdue on some photos that I promised. Here they are:

The new car...

The new kitchen...
Yes, it is still in its packaging, but it will be rudely awakened in about two weeks' time. The first pic is the fridge, dishwasher (yay!) and microwave. The second is of all the cupboards, shelves, door handles, etc., in a stack in our conservatory.

The new nursery...
Now posing as a guest room. (Sorry for the narrow shot. I'm still not quite used to my new camera.) Hubby has outdone himself with the beautiful new floor.

For those keeping tabs on my pregnancy, I'm now 34 weeks pregnant. (Gulp!) We've been going to NCT classes to meet other parents and learn about all the fun stuff that's going to happen in 6 to 8 weeks time.

I hope my next post will be about half of the new kitchen going in.