Sunday, March 16, 2008

We're moving!

My lovely hubby has just got a new job (yay, Husband!) and it's not in London (collective gasp). While he'll avoid being packed into a commuter train, he will have to battle with traffic instead. I will still be commuting into London, and the places we are looking at buying a house all have good transport links into various London stations.

We have to wait a little while for all the official paper pushing to happen before we can go on full on exploratory missions and actually loook inside houses but, while this was brewing, we've done a bit of driving around in the area.

If you work with me, please forgive me for being scattered (for the past few weeks and) for the next few weeks. If you are related to me, I may be a little ball of crazy when you try to talk to me. It's all going to happen pretty quickly as hubby will likely start his new job in four weeks. But we're both really excited to be moving away from London to the green, green hills of England.

For an example of some of the green, green places we like so far:

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I'll keep you posted!


Steven said...

'Grats on the new job. The move will be exciting, just make sure the village has a good local.

yamster said...

Congrats to Neil! I pick Cheddington; it has the best name. :)

Good luck with all the paperwork!