Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grand Canyon (no The)

I am in Grand Canyon! (No one puts a "the" in front of it round these here parts.)

It is a stunning place. We woke up at ridiculous o'clock to get to a trailhead by 7am. Then, we hiked down a steep trail to Cedar Ridge for gorgeous views of the canyon -- though the river remained elusive. Here's me on the trail (in the white hat):

We had a fantastic guide who was so enthusiastic about the area; she kept us all in good spirits, which managed to last through the strenuous and sweaty trip back up. She taught us about the plant that tequila gets made front, how the Ponderosa Pine smells like butterscotch and Ooh-Aah Point. I don't know how long the trail was, but it was 1200 feet down into the canyon.

We got to see some sure-footed mules coming down the trail, though I think the wranglers didn't like having thier picture taken.


Juliet said...

I went to the Canyon last summer and thought it was so amazing I went back a few weeks later. It was awesome to see your pics!!!

JimJiminy said...

Awesome photos - although, I don't think the subscription for my work email is still functioning. I just "happened" upon this one!