Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Post-natal Blog

So, um, on January 2nd I wrote that I would post on this blog as much as baby would allow - which turned out to be not at all. Sorry. But, I can say that I did manage #1 "give birth" and #4 "stay involved in the children's publishing world".

In fact, it is the pursuit of #4 that inspired this post.

On Saturday, I taught a fantasy writing class. It wasn't my first time speaking to group of writers, but it was the first time I had ever taught. If you want to know what they thought of me, just click on this *ahem* picture below which was created by the creative Candy Gourlay, one of the writers on the course.

And please refer to me as "Slasher" from now on.


yamster said...

Yay (even though I already saw this on Facebook)! Welcome back! :)

Anonymous said...

just saw this! excellent. i like how you've really taken to your new id.