Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ode to my computer

I have recently purchased a new computer, after much agonizing over a mega-portable laptop that I couldn't afford. I really wanted this one (Vaio TX):

I almost settled for this one (Gateway NX):

But luckily, I stumbled onto my new precious baby in a computer shop.

My new computer, the Samsung Q1, is a conversation piece. People on the train regularly strike up conversation with me about it, and we're talking about Britons! They ask if I can access the internet, write directly onto the screen and disconnect the keyboard. To all, I can happily answer: yes.

The Samsung Q1 is a "tablet PC" which is a cross between a PDA and a laptop. The fully functioning computer weighs a buoyant 779g and measures 227 x 140 x 27mm (WxHxD) (For my US readers: 8.94 x 5.51 x 1.06 in and 1.72 lbs.) It has an accessory pack with a USB keyboard and FiloFax style holder that approximately doubles the weight.

But you don't need the keyboard. The whole screen is a touch screen, and there is a handwriting recognition feature (I scrawl, it changes my scribbles into standard text) and a voice recognition feature (which actually works!)

I've got everything I need all in a mega-mega portable package. I can take everywhere, whack it open on the train and finish up that just-about-to-be-late storyline. I can even use it on the Tube. My biggest brag: I got it on eBay for two thirds the retail cost – with the keyboard and USB data transfer cable. Love it!

For a more erudite and comprehensive review see TrustedReviews.

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