Saturday, June 23, 2007

57% Complete

Due to the !£$%^&* leaving great big holes in our floor, we haven't finished our kitchen reconstruction, despite a long day of hard work. Rebuilding the floor took a lot of time.

We took most of the morning to cut down the old cabinet fronts to use as floorboards...

and then cut new laminate flooring to size to go on top.

I use the term "we" loosely. I sat in the bedroom and did a lot of very important work.

Next, we had to build the base units to figure out exactly where the sink was going to sit and where the pipe holes would need to be in the cabinets. (I did actually help at this point, as I am the Flatpack Queen.)

Then, we had to figure out the plumbing. The new layout has the washing machine on the opposite side of the sink, and the sink is shifting about two feet to the left. After scientific calculations and elaborate diagrams, we had a plan:

The plan worked! The only hitch was, it was about 9pm when it was finished. And then we discovered a rather annoying little hitch: IKEA only half-cut out the sink hole in the countertop that we paid £25 for them to cut out. I can't imagine this is the standard procedure, and they will be receiving a phone call from an inquisitive ME tomorrow morning.

The DIY segment of our show will be back on Tuesday. In the meantime… tomorrow is my first cricket match!

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Steven said...

I hope IKEA doesn't tell you thta you needed to pay £50 for a complete sink hole (sic).
I'm dying to hear about your first cricket match (actually, it may be your second - I thought you plyed cricket with your brother at Theiss Elementary when he got a bat, ball and set of stumps)